Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a great form of exercise, and is a key skill for life, once learned never forgotten. It is a sport that all can participate in for a lifetime. Once we can swim we can go on to compete, do water-polo, diving, synchronised swimming, plus lots of outdoor water-based sports.

At Wem Swimming and Lifestyle Centre our lessons follow the Swim England National Plan for teaching swimming, working from stage 1 (non-swimmers) to stage 8 (pre-competitive swimmers), we offer Swim Club and Life-saving club for advanced swimmers.

When your child moves up to the next stage, they will be entitled to a stage badge and/or certificate for the class just completed and a distance badge/certificate, you can buy these from reception. The badges are a great source of motivation to swimmers.

Each block of lessons is 10 weeks long, giving teachers time to focus on all strokes and skills at least twice, a report will be issued at the end of each block indicating which of the stages skills and distances have been accomplished. 

Swimming lessons are 25 minutes duration, 5 minutes allocated for the smooth change over of classes, where possible we ask that children arrive beach ready, leaving outdoor clothing on a chair on poolside, doing the lesson, then collecting their belongings after the lesson and taking them into the changing room to get dressed.

 Lessons are run Monday to Friday after school and on Saturday morning.  Lessons are 30 minutes duration. 

If you would like a space in our swimming lessons, please email us your child’s name, date of birth and swimming ability and your address and phone number.  If your child is a beginner we can add them to our waiting list and if they are improvers we can offer them a swim test to assess where they would fit into our scheme.

Any queries please contact the Centre:

Telephone – 01939 232460

Email – info@wemswimmingandlifestylecentre.org.uk